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As a creativity & project coach, my genius lies in empowering you to bring your big creative ideas to life. I partner with you to turn the murky, doubt-filled details of your creative business projects into crystal clear steps that create a result that lets your idea SING.

If you have found yourself stuck in the "preparing to plan" stage of the book you want to write, this is the space for you to turn it into reality. If you developed an incredible coaching program, but have no idea how to communicate it to the humans you want it to serve, this is the space to get clear on who you are and what you want to say. If you're ready to take your unfinished composition, art piece, blog, client offer from and idea to a reality, this is the space.

How can we work together?

You want to create content for your art or business that is honest, effective, and resonates with the audience you want to reach, but you feel awkward, inauthentic, and like you're shouting into the void.

In a Content Co-Creation Session with me, I will be your *ideal client*. I will ask you deep questions about your offer and your business, and help you develop language and a content personality that will deeply resonate with your audience. You will experience your brand and offer in a more genuine way, and walk away with clarity on your the CORE language of your business (plus 35 minutes of recorded & transcribed content GOLD!)

content co-creation sessions


As a creativity and project coach, I specialize in walking with you as you figure out the big projects and transitions of your life.

Writing a book?
Planning a big offer launch in your business?
Making a transition to focus on your art as a career?

Whether you are having trouble just starting, getting stuck in the messy middle, or struggling to finish and follow through, I will walk with you through it. My 1:1 coaching is not designed to be your "forever", but to give you the tools and support to get to your "Point B". 

1:1 project coaching

Let's do a 'vibe check'

Is coaching for you?

Retreats with Creating Infinity are designed to give you the time, space, and rejuvenation to focus on your projects with a new perspective. We host multiple types of retreats, all over the world, multiple times per year. These include:

Relaxing "Focus" Retreats designed to give you quiet, focused time away from distractions.
Fun "Adventure" Retreats designed to offer new perspectives & stimulate creativity in community.
Individual "Seclusion" Retreats designed to give you quiet, solo time to work with all your needs met.

All retreats include 1:1 and group coaching to guide you through your chosen project and full accommodations to ensure that all your needs are met and exceeded!

creative retreats 


Elizabeth is a NATURAL coach. She asks the most intuitive questions that get to the HEART of what is really holding you back in your creative projects. She has helped me get "unstuck" multiple times by offering insights and perspectives on my client offers that I didn't even think of! If you are a creative entrepreneur and don't have someone like her in your corner, you are missing out!

-Jacqueline N

I FREAKING LOVED my Content Co-Creation Session.
This is so valuable because it's so easy for me to be articulate, flowing, and smart when I am talking to somebody else who has just asked me a brilliant question. There is no other situation in which I've been able to just hold forth about my business in front of an audience or another person and have that material captured!

-Jennet I.


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