let's get to know each other.

I'm elizabeth, & it's so good to meet you!

COACH. Writer. Composer. Business Owner. Podcaster. Program Designer. musician. Voter Activist. World Traveler. NEURODIVERGENT HUMAN.  Proserpina & Kalypso’s mom. Bob’s Partner. 

I've lived many lives; as a professional opera singer, a financial executive, a political and nonprofit campaign manager... the list goes on.

But what I've always been is a lifelong multi-passionate entrepreneur. A creative on a mission to use my voice and art for things that matter. An advocate for others to express their creativity to a world that desperately craves it.

I'm dedicated to amplifying the voices & impact of creatives from marginalized populations to address systemic issues and promote equity, and empowering neurodivergent creatives and entrepreneurs to create impact in their businesses and a sense of belonging in their professional communities.

is why we're here.